2016 Reading Challenge

I challenged myself to read 50 books in 2016.  I'd like to hit 75, but 50 is a more realistic goal.

I love recommendations!  My to-read list is constantly changing;  I have about fifty books on my Kindle that I haven't yet read, and I'm constantly acquiring new books as I read blog and Goodreads reviews.  I'm a bookaholic.  If you think there's something I have to try, comment below or e-mail me with your recommendation!  I will read just about anything, but I am most interested in the following genres:
Women's Literature
Chick-lit (there's a difference... I swear)
Young Adult
New Adult (I am trying to get into this genre.  Most of what I've read didn't do much for me.  Recommend something!)
Post-apocalyptic/dystopia (I have been obsessed with this genre ever since I read Stephen King's The Stand in like 1994.)
Horror/zombies (Don't hate)
 Historical fiction

I tend to shy away from most things supernatural (although I love me some J.R. Ward).  I like science fiction, fantasies, and even some non-fiction/true crime, but only if it's something mainstream/popular, generally.

Here's what I read so far in 2016:


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