Thursday, February 27, 2014

Rant: DNF - Aloha Also Means Goodbye by Jessica Rosenberg

Jo and Jordan tied the knot five years ago in a mud hut in the middle of Zambia far from all their friends and family. Now they're in Hawaii for a big wedding vow renewal ceremony elaborately planned by Jo's mother. There's just one small issue, there’s something wrong with the wedding license issued in Africa and only Jo knows.

Little does she know that the wedding license will soon prove to be the least of her problems.

Her ex, the man she was running from when she met Jordan, is on the island and he's there with his two kids, both of whom are named after her.

Coming face to face with her past just as she's trying to brave her future forces Jo to make some big decisions. It might even force her to grow up. Luckily she doesn't have to do any of it on her own; her two best friends are there to hold her hand and help her down the right path.

Despite all the upheaval and complications Jo will eventually walk down the aisle to say “I do” to the man who completes her. But will the wedding that takes place be the one Jo's mother planned? Or will it be something much, much better?  @Goodreads

Did not finish -- yikes!
Nothing, and I mean nothing, pains me more than discarding a novel once I decided to read it.  Yet this one here, I gladly threw down in utter disgust.

Note: I received an advanced copy from Netgalley, courtesy of the publisher. 

 I could not get into this book at all. Far-fetched and contrived. I abandoned ship very early on, because I didn't like the characters, and I had zero interest in finding out what happens. The protagonist is about to renew her wedding vows (yes, she's already married) with her husband in Hawaii. A remote area of Hawaii. And guess who is there? Her ex-boyfriend that broke her heart. With his young daughter from another woman. How does any of that sound desirable? If my ex just so happened to magically book a vacation in the same exact remote island at the same exact time I did, and he had broken my heart in the past and then had a KID, and not to mention I myself was already married, this is what I'd do: NOTHING. Bad plot.

 If anyone out there finished it -- did it get better?

Expected publication date:  N/A


  1. Yikes indeed! This doesn't sound very good sadly. I'm assuming she's meant to run off with her ex, but that doesn't sounds very romantic. And the idea that he named his kid's with another woman after his ex...who does that? That's kind of creepy actually. Maybe it got better as it went on, but there's not point reading a crappy book when there are so many other great books out there to be read!! Hope your next book is better! :)

    1. Exactly. I just don't have time to read a book with a heroine that is a huge, flaky idiot. :) Thanks for your comment!

  2. Yep, this scenario falls flat for me..I mean where do you go from there?

  3. Haha yeah this does sound kind of eye-rolling and cheesy. I can rarely stand these far fetched stories myself so I doubt this would be for me. I also hate to DNF books but it's better than to suffer through it if you know you won't like it.

    1. Haha, yep. Luckily enough ridiculous details and far-fetched coincidences were thrown at me early on.

      Thanks for the comment! Xpresso Reads is one of my favorite blogs! :)


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